Evectia is a B2B consulting and integration firm belonging to Detector Group, leader in Digital Transformation and IoT-M2M.

We help our clients to transform the way to run their business by introducing them in an industrial environment 4.0. and creating digital ecosystems that facilitate the flow of information between the physical world and the business decision-making process.

The connection of industrial devices to the network makes real-time data mining and remote control thereof possible, which allows us to improve their operations (automation, flexibility, velocity and productive capacity), reduce costs and enhance the quality of processes.

logo rueda industria 4.0

Sensorization of things: RFID, NFC, Beacons, etc.

logo grafica industria 4.0

Big Data and Business Intelligent tools

logo nube industria 4.0

SOA services via Cloud Computing based on a .NET architecture

logo lista transformacion digital

Automotive data communications: – Hardware – Firmware – Communications: ZigBee, BLW, LPW (LoRa, etc.)

logo quien industria 4.0

Predictive Analytics

logo movil transformacion digital

Mobile (IOS, Android), web (HTML5) and desktop applications


Our own assets are a key part of the process. They make a difference and enable us to act on the basis of an end-to-end approach, from one end to another, nurturing excellence from the design of the project to its implementation.

industria 4.0

Operation and Maintenance of the Service
• Call Centre 24/7.
• Emergency and technical assistance (agreements with the Home Office and the law enforcement bodies).
• Consulting services to make the most of the solution.
• Identifying areas for improvement.

industria 4.0

Implementation and Start-up of the Service
• Advice during the implementation phase (communication and Change Management).
• Installation by in-house technicians whenever possible.

transformacion digital

Definition and Design
• Customized solution, supported by Business Case.
• Consulting, R&D, Technology and Operations departments are involved with the aim of finding the most suitable solution at all levels.

transformacion digital

First Contact and Client Acquisition
• Verticalization of discourse, consultative approach.
• Experience and end-to-end capabilities.

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